High Speed File Transfer

FileSociety™ integrates Aspera’s™Fasp™ technology to deliver files up to 100 times faster than FTP. Fasp™ uses automatic adaptive rate control to eliminate latency to fully utilize available bandwidth while maintaining balanced traffic to other users. FileSociety™ works with any web connection and popular browsers and does not require any special hardware, management or IT investment.

User and Group Management

Unlike FTP, FileSociety™ gives you complete control of who has access to your files and tracks all file transfer activity. Each account contains up to 1000 users and you can easily create users and groups to organize, connect and manage your workflow and teams. Control upload and download permissions to provide users or groups access to library content at any level from individual files to project folders. Users only see the files and folders you give them access to and you can deactivate, reactivate or delete users and groups at any time.

Library Management

Create and manage a dynamic online file library with the capability to view, search and rename files and folders. You can sort by file name, size, upload date, tags or by users and groups.


Automatically send email notifications of transfer activity to yourself and anyone on your user list. Notifications let you and your teams know when your file transfers are complete and provides a transfer report detailing file names, file sizes and transfer times.


FileSociety’s™ tagging feature is a powerful tool for organizing and identifying library content. Create and combine tags for highly customized content collections that you can filter and sort.


FileSociety™ utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that is a cryptographic protocol that provides security and data integrity for network communications. SSL is a standard endorsed by major credit card companies and leading financial institutions for commerce over the Internet.

Massive Productivity Gains

FileSociety™ is a game-changing technology designed for people and organizations that depend on sharing and distributing files. With speed gains of up to 100x, your team’s productivity skyrockets. Everything about FileSociety™ is designed to save time and energy, promote collaboration, automate tasks and maximize security. Instead of wasting time with slow, unreliable FTP transfers and managing disc production and shipping, you can focus on more productive tasks.
  • FileSociety™ lets you distribute files in minutes instead of hours or days, slashing production times and eliminating bottlenecks. Distributing files to hundreds of users is as easy and as fast as sending to one user.
  • Enables large data set transfers over any network at maximum speed regardless of network conditions or distance so you can effectively work with your international colleagues and partners across the globe.
  • FileSociety’s™ easy-to-use interface was designed by a multi-industry group of demanding users to provide powerful workflow tools that work the way you do.
  • Automatic notifications keep your workgroups informed of transfer activity so everyone knows when files are available without any wasted effort or miscommunication. Users get peace of mind knowing that files are delivered instead of stressing about the risk of FTP failure or corruption, courier cut off times and shipping status.
  • FileSociety™ eliminates the human error of manual disc production, organization and distribution. Gone are the days of missing a deadline due to sending the wrong disc, data entry error or shipping problems. With FileSociety™, you can transfer a DVD’s worth of data faster than it takes to burn a DVD.

Cost Savings

FileSociety™ pays for itself through cost eliminations and increased productivity.
  • By implementing FileSociety™ you can eliminate charges for file downloads to disc/hard drive and the onsite physical manufacture of CDs and DVDs - the expenses incurred with messengers, couriers and shipping around the world – labor costs for preparing discs, packing, arranging and tracking shipping and for babysitting long and unreliable FTP file transfers.
  • FileSociety’s™ speed and reliability can save considerable travel related costs by eliminating the need for hand delivery of time sensitive files to domestic and international locations by internal staff or expensive same-day courier services.
  • Standard pricing includes a nominal yearly account fee, a low 1¢ per MB transfer rate and variable monthly rates for storage. FileSociety™ offers Enterprise and Studio packages and high-volume discounting for qualified accounts.

High Reliability

FileSociety™ with Fasp built-in solves the inefficiencies and bottlenecks of FTP by eliminating latency that causes most transfer failures.
  • FileSociety™ further increases reliability by automatically resuming partial transfers and retrying failed transfers.
  • Large sets of files are transferred with the same efficiency as large single files which allows you to transfer folders and all of their contents as easily as one file. There is no longer a need to waste time compressing files or saving folders of files into .zip or .sit files for transfer.
  • With FileSociety’s™ notifications feature, you know right away when your files are successfully transferred or in rare cases, if there is a failure.

Green Workflow

FileSociety™ is a completely green process that can make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions and the use of wasteful petroleum products and pollution by eliminating air and ground shipping, plastic and magnetic media used in distributing billions of files. FileSociety™ fully offsets its carbon footprint and is proud to support the Carbonfund.org and StopGlobalWarming.org.